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Leanne Greenman, formally known as "LeeLoo" is an active professional singer, songwriter, performer and vocal instructor, and vocal producer originally from Long Island, NY. She studied both classical and musical theater, gaining her Associates Degree from Adelphi University, later leaving as one of the university’s top 5 singers, and as the school’s official matriculation singer in 2005.

Later in 2005, she wanted a complete musical make-over, and came to Boston to acquire her Bachelor’s Degree at Berklee College of Music. She studied a wide range of contemporary influences that make her the versatile artist she is today, including metal, R&B, jazz, classical, pop and rock.  LeeLoo studied under Gabrielle Goodman, back-up singer to Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan.


Over the past 15 years, LeeLoo has worked in several private music schools including The Real School of Music, The Royal Academy for the Performing Arts, and Bosse School of Music, In Sync Center for the Arts, along with many vocal studios all over the Boston area. She teaches private and group vocal instruction, has trained others to become successful vocal instructors, and has run small music and band programs for children and adults of all ages. LeeLoo has provided private vocal studio coaching for many of her students demos and albums, helping to produce their own unique sound and gain the best quality vocal tracks possible for their projects. Leanne has given workshops on performance anxiety, somatic breathwork, and live performance instruction. One of her unique specialties is to help guide those looking to learn more edgy styles of music. She has successful taught people to scream, and use grit in their voices safely and effectively, helping to amplify the power of their natural sound.


Alongside her teaching experience, LeeLoo has fronted several Boston bands, such as Top 40’s Pop/Rock band, Big City Band from the Hank Entertainment Agency, has toured the Northeast with her original rock groups such as Kokopelli, Ground To Dust & Lure of the Animal, and has taught and collaborated on music projects and programs in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and has written several albums. She also works as a sessions musician, and collaborates on a wide range of music projects from all over the world online.

LeeLoo has worked alongside Grammy Award winning producers, such as Sean McLaughlin (Rush, Elliot Smith) in collaboration on many projects with a variety of artists. She has recorded music for video games, television and movies. She has had the pleasure of working with internationally renowned bass player, Phil Baker (Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson) and piano/keys player, George Mitchell (Diana Ross) and the world-known guitarist, Troy Williver (Bombay) to name a few.


Need help auditioning? No problem! LeeLoo has tons of experience auditioning for TV Shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and The Voice, where she passed all the preliminary rounds. She has helped many of her students pass their auditions successfully, and has inspired them to set their goals much higher as performers.


Diversity, versatility, and pushing the limits in edgy contemporary genres of music have been her primary focus of instruction. LeeLoo believes in building a foundation of technique while introducing the many psychological aspects of singing. Everyone learns differently, and LeeLoo will offer various methods and analogies to help you connect to your instrument and find true vocal freedom! She will challenge you, help you to find your voice unique voice, and to highlight everyone’s personal strengths and natural inflections of their voice. If you enjoy challenge, versatility and want to find your own unique vocal talent, or just want to see what your voice is truly capable of, LeeLoo is excited to help you achieve your goals!

LeeLoo is available to work with many different artists, either coaching them on their own albums in the studio, or recording vocal tracks for various records. She is also a singer/song-writer and is available to WRITE, COACH, COLLABORATE OR RECORD on virtually ANY music projects you have to offer!


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